Help to know if Grav is a good option for my project

Hi here, it’s been 1 weeks i’m using Grav, and it was love at first sight. Easily customizable, the CMS don’t get in your way, already lots of plugin !

BUT i prefer to post here to be sure that Grav with easily scale with my project. I know what i want to do and the traffic i’ll probably get, i just want to be sure that i’m not making a bad decision and will regret it.

About me : web dev, using principaly Vuejs and nodejs with firebase (awesome tool btw) database (what da fuck am i doing here then ? :D) and also user of wordpress which i really, really dislike (i hate mysql). My main problem was that i need a cms for my project because it’s content driven, and nothing that really catch my eyes running on node or mature enough. I started my project with wordpress but i hate it. Maybe i have not dig enough but this CMS is not “helping” me as it should be, as Grav does !

ABout the project :
Content driven project, markdown is so perfect for this with the great plugin "Editable with simpleMDE"
I plan on having 2-3k pages of content (can grow bigger after but i’ll start with that).
I’m writting a python script where i get data from an api and automatically create pages in grav of new item in the list and update new value of existing line in the list.
will mainly have a big list that user can search on in a table and in the list you can click on item and get redirected on a page where there are more details about the item (detail written by hand in markdown) but in the list some details will be update from the API. So i need ONE page to be semi-dynamic updated by my python code (every 15 minutes i think or less if i can) and 1k page related to this list where you can find more information and detailed view.

THere will be other part on the site but it will be normal page and approx 1-2k pages, growing consistently.

I plan to have around 300-500k visitors (even more i hope :smiley: ) every month (comparing to an existing niche website that is approximatly the same)

My question are, is Grav a good option for my project, will it run okay when more that 2-3k pages ? Am i not embarking in a schema a bit complex or making twist for nothing ?

Thanks in advance for the help !

(If i’m not clear on something don’t hesitate to tell me !)

For those who are wondering how grav handle it, i have set up all my project and gone live using vultr.

You can see performance and do test here :

I hope it can help

I have currently 1500 pages and look like it’s running smooth. I have not installed the cache plugin that suppose to give extra speed but it’s a pain if you are still in development because of clearing the cache all the time. I will add it when i’m finished with everything.

Can someone point me out some test to run so that i can see if grav is doing well with all the page ?