Gpm install not working (Win10 + Ubuntu Bash)


i’m trying to install some plugins under XAMPP + Win10 + native Win10’s Ubuntu Bash
problem is that it just keeps “installing package” forever and never ends
i tried some plugins and it fails the same way on all of them
i also tried using sudo


Preparing to install CookiesNotice [v1.0.2]
|- Downloading package… 100%
|- Checking destination… ok
|- Installing package…

is there any way to install plugins manually?


Certainly there is. Just download the theme or plugin manually and unzip it into the right folder. Not sure what the original problem is, though.

I’ll try that.
Thank you very much, Perlkönig

Hey for me on Windows 10 + Ubuntu Bash I had to add php before my gpm command. Like:

php bin/gpm selfupgrade -f

I think this assumes that php is already in your environment %PATH% variable, you’ll have to add it to get it to work.