Getting the drop down menu to work - continued

Hi, I managed to lose my first post!
Okay, what I am trying to find out is how to allocate pages to a drop down menu. I am using standard pages rather than listing or modular pages.
Thanks. Luke

Drop down menus mimic the folder structure so if you want to have a list of items say: apples, oranges, and lemons under a top level fruit menu item, you would just create those apples/ oranges/ and lemons/ folders under the fruit/ folder .

Of course each of thos folders would need a .md file to define the actual page detail.

Note, Grav by default uses the numeric order part of the folder to indicate that it should be visible in the menu. If you don’t have that in the folder name ( ie no 01.apples/, only apples/), you will need to set visible: true In the page headers.

I hadn’t numbered the subpages!
This works like a charm.
Many thanks indeed, Luke