Form plugin throws error "Oops there was a problem ..."
To recap: I’m using the Skeleton package, with Grav core and plugins updated to the latest versions. In the theme there is a Contact Form that uses the Forms plugin (obviously?). However when I try to send an e-mail via this form I get the message

"Oops there was a problem, please check your input and submit the form again."

First I though it was the e-mail plugin that threw the error, but when I trace back the origin of the message it seems to have something to do with a ‘nonce not validated’ (it’s in \user\plugins\form\classes\form.php, line 141, and the user\plugins\form\languages.yaml file), however I have no clue how to solve this :slight_smile:

Any idea’s?

ps: on a side note - maybe it’s related(?) - I can’t get the admin panel to work either. Admin plugin is installed and I have setup a user via $ bin/plugin login new-user and all. However login in gets me to an “Access denied…” message. As it is using the same Form plugin, maybe it’s related but I can’t confirm.

Thanks in advance!
Best, Ronald

Hi Ronald, I noticed an issue in the theme, which is not updated to reflect the latest Form plugin changes. This theme file
should include the line highlighted here

Working on a fix in the next theme update!

(meanwhile you can add that line manually)

Regarding the other problem you have, looks related because (just tried) it seems the Landio theme redirects the admin login (/admin) to another page (/user-login). Looking to find out why!

Ok the first fix is in the repo for the theme

For the second problem, remove line route: /user-login of the file user/config/plugins/login.yaml. A definitive fix will come in the next Login plugin update.

Great work! Both solutions work just fine. I can login to the Admin panel and the form is working as well :slight_smile: Thanks for the support.