"Oops there was a problem, please check your input and submit the form again."

I’m using the X-Corporation theme and the contact form seems to be broken half the time. It does it about 90% of the time in various browsers with no real common denominator. All form data is correctly entered and when you go to submit it gives off the error “Oops there was a problem, please check your input and submit the form again.” instead of emailing. It does work intermittently, very rarely however. Latest version of Grav and all plugins. How can I resolve this problem?

Cannot replicate locally. Are you testing locally, or on a remote server? If local, which environment?

Hosted server, standard LAMP setup. PHP 5.5.35. Caching is disabled for the entire contact page and permissions are set appropriately.

Also, logs are showing “[2017-01-27 16:21:49] grav.NOTICE: Invalid slug set in YAML frontmatter: /contact/_contact => _contact [] []”

Is this the default contact form found in the skeleton? Or you edited it? Asking so I try on the same exact form.

Disabling the global page cache fixes the issue? Asking to determine if caching is the problem here.

This is the default skeleton with the X-Corp theme, no editing to the contact form. Disabling the global cache does not fix the issue.

Also, there are times when it does not display the error message, but still does not submit properly. Other times it submits fine. Very weird issue. if it makes it easier to troubleshoot, is it allowed for me to post the direct link to the contact form here?

Sure. I tried replicating in a local environment but I can’t. Can you try replicating the issue on a local server, to check if the problem is the server configuration?

connectlayer.com/contact is the URL. I’ll test and replicate on a local environment this evening (EST) and get back to you.

Actually, upon further testing it seems like it is a caching related issue. I had disabled the global page cache for the contact page specifically, but not global caching for the entire site. Doing this and clearing browser history seems to resolve the issue in all three browsers. Re-enabling caching breaks it again. Is there a solution for this outside of disabling caching globally?

Just disable cache on the contact page, not globally.