Contact Form Help Needed

I am very new to grav. I have created a recaptcha form exactly per

Whenever I submit the form I get “Oops there was a problem, please check your input and submit the form again.”

Apparently this is a problem with something called “nonce”?

I am VERY new to this and just trying to set up a basic site. Any help getting this to work would be greatly appreciated.

A few things to note on my install.

  1. For some reason a lot of files did not have “execute” enabled in their permissions when I installed grav from the zip file. I wonder if there is a file that needs this added. All files in the /var/www/html/bin folder were like this.
  2. I am running a Nginx reverse-proxy set up. Using Centos 7. php -v 5.6.27

If your theme has a templates/form.html.twig file, it might be not including the security nonce we added about a year ago. Can you paste its content? Or, which theme are you using, if it’s listed in the GPM?

Simple solution is remove that file, and Grav will use the default one.