Form plugin: nonce problem with Firefox, Edge and IE11

We have a standard Grav contact form page. This works with Chrome but fails with Firefox, Edge and IE11 with an Oops message. The reason is only Chrome returns the same nonce string.

Firefox: 5ad9398a6edd563a549a0edc72f499d3
Firefox: 282da8f78d6f46f1df8e0fab6b85c639
IE11: 91ad57f892f6ec1c816ab310090823f0
IE11: cf86831399fc5d223c7c139251384687
EDGE: b28e725fe38dcc3c5a81a691072f889d
EDGE: 0dddab4fd0f9ccc27b391f3ef2afb1d0
Chrome: 7849d7e1e5ce91af970890dc8b73ed71
Chrome: 7849d7e1e5ce91af970890dc8b73ed71

I have changed the verifyNonce function in Grav/Common/Utils.php to return true in all cases, instead of false when the strings do not match.

Is there a better way?

Thank you