Form and contact misplaced

I’m very new to Grav and I have so much trouble to make things especially with a form.

I have a modular website (one page right ?) here :

To the section “system download” i want the button “to the system” to go on another page where people have to fill a form before downloading the system that is elsewhere.

If you click this button you arrive on the page…BUT…the contact form is placed on the top of the page on the banner !
I don’t know how to correct this… :frowning:

Can someone help me ?

Thanks a lot

@SadriH, If you take a look at the HTML source of page /system_download you’ll notice that no <form> element is being generated. If you further look at theme Mache that is being used, it does not have a template that handles the generation of a form.

Theme Mache only generates a form for a module with template ‘contact’.

You will have to create your own template.

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Hey there,

I found a workaround as a solution. A SO dirty one but it works…

If I had the time I would create my own template for the form but here I just add
tag to put down the contact form I add to the page.
See the dirty thing :frowning:

At least it works for now, but will have to work on a clean solution in the futur.
Thanks for the answer and your help @pamtbaau