Find elements in home page

Hello All,
first steps with Grav, and a bit confused.
I have installed the Gateway skeleton, but cannot understand where the header, the footer, the logo are the saved, for example.
There is nothing in the home page.
I plan to use the admin plugin for editing content, so I would not adventure in the expert mode…
Thank for reading,

@Gian125, Have you already had a chance to take a look at the docs… Especially about themes?

In Admin, you only write the content of the page (the Markdown). When a page is requested by a user the following happens (in short),

  • The Markdown of the page is processed into plain HTML (page.content)
  • The templates of the Theme (user/themes/gateway/templates/**) together constitute the final HTML by combining several templates (eg. header, footer, sidebar, etc.) and injecting the page.content (your processed Markdown).

The theme might offer customizations that can be set in Admin, but if not, you will have to open an editor on the OS to edit templates, replace logo’s, etc.

thanks Pamtbaau,

I did read most of the docs, but I admit I didn’t check the Theme…

I go back studying…

ok, if I understood, changing header, footer and logo implies tinkering with the theme and Twig code.
At the moment, I have basic needs, so I would turn off the Gateway template and build the few pages I need with the Admin plugin editor.
How would I do that?

I installed Quark theme, and that one has a configuration page where you define header and footer.
Just what I expected in a theme… I didn’t find it in Gateway, maybe I missed something?

@Gian125, No 2 themes are alike… Some provide almost no options, the other a bit more…

You might also consider the premium Typhoon theme. It is packed with options.