File/Directory Permissions created by Admin Plugin?

I’ve got an issue with Grav using the admin-plugin on only one special server. All files and directories created by the admin-plugin were given the permissions 755 for directories and 644 for files. This causes problems with my (S)FTP user. Are these default permissions configurable via Grav? Or do the rely on the Servers configuration?

Check the permissions fixing shell script, should solve your issue

I don’t think so, because my Shell-User does not have the permission to change the permissions of the files/directories created by the admin-plugin. So this script had to be executed by the web-user/admin-plugin.

The question is: Does Grav try to set the permissions? And if so, can you configure this?

The post lists the different scenarios you might have. In your case, “PHP/Webserver runs with different accounts but same Group” or “Different accounts, fix permissions manually”, you need to set the proper umask.