Admin Backup Permissions Incorrect

FYI … I don’t recall this happening under previous versions, but after installing the beta version of the Admin plugin the backup system seems to be changing the file permissions of the files it is backing up (the actual files within the backup itself). This makes it impossible to restore any backups without changing all the files and folder permissions back to normal.

Same issue under v1.0.9

What file permissions does it set, and what are the normal file / folder permissions?

This is more likely an issue with your server/setup and the folder permissions. Grav doesn’t do anything specific with permissions, it just creates the zip and saves it with whatever user the web server is running as. It’s always done it this way.

This is very odd though, I’ve been using Rochen for almost a year now with no backup issues to date with GRAV. However, I’ll check with them … Thx!

I have an update to this issue, which is still happening …

I’m using LiteSpeed servers, and after looking through the LiteSpeed logs, I saw the following problem:

2016-05-23 17:00:18.709 [INFO] [] [] file permission is restricted for script.
2016-05-23 17:00:18.709 [INFO] [] File not found [/home/wmsjjsja/public_html/403.shtml]