Dynamic Fields as mentioned in grav documentation

Does anyone know how to generate dynamic field properties using 'data-fields@ ’ ? On grav documentation it is mentioned that we can use data-type / label / validation / field but no example is given how ? Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Hello @I4mabdul, welcome to the Grav forum.

The documentation on dynamic fields is rather basic.

The Form Prefiller Plugin though has a couple of use cases in it’s example page like setting option field values, getting the current time and date and localised field labels based on the Grav active language.

Thanks @bleutzinn . Appreciate your help. I was wondering if we could generate fields like label => ’ Name’ , ‘type’ => ’ text ’ using ‘data-fields@’ ?
Basically my idea is to output label from one blueprint and have text field generated against it using ‘data-fields@’ in another blueprint so that i can edit it using admin panel.

You can. When you set values for label and type through a form which uses the first blueprints and then use data-label@ and data-type@ in the second. I’ve never tried data-type@ but in theory it should work.

Another suggestion since you want to create a form field dynamically, is to look at how the Dynamic Form Plugin does exactly that.