Does support youtube/vimeo video links with grav?

Hi @erikhanshagstrom,

out-of-the-box Grav doesn’t support youtube/vimeo video links, in the sense that it will not convert e.g. YouTube links like


automatically as an iframe and embed it. However, there are several plugins which accomplish that. The best plugin (which is not listed via GPM or the plugin page) is the plugin by Gertt

https://github.com/Gertt/grav-plugin-embed .

The other plugin (and the only choice) at the moment is the plugin by maximkou

https://github.com/maximkou/grav-plugin-videoembed .

Unfortunately, this plugin was abandoned, so I took it over and (minimally) maintain it. It has more configuration options than the embed plugin, but it is a little bit outdated. That’s why I’m writing on a modernized version of it. I plan to release an advanced beta (under a different name) in the next week. If you like to become an early adopter and test it, then please let me know. Then, I will point you to the reposity to download it.

In the first version it will support local and YouTube URLs only. But in the up coming releases it will support tons of more services.

A featherlight support is not on my roadmap. But if you can configure featherlight to be processed on a certain class name, it will be nevertheless possible.

@sommerregen I would like to be a part of that beta, let me know when it is available. Thanks for the info.

Hi @erikhanshagstrom,

I feel sorry for my long silence. The development of the plugin took more time than necessary… however, today I released the first version of the new MediaEmbed plugin

and supports besides YouTube and Vimeo other media services. After installing you can embed then media like


using Markdown syntax for images.

Have fun!

I implemented basic support for youtube and soundcloud in header for soraarticle theme. See: http://demo.getgrav.org/soraarticle-skeleton/page:2
All you have to do is specify youtube or soundcloud link in .md file.
You can download SoraArticle skeleton and check it. Maybe it will suit your needs :slight_smile:

Sorry in advance for maybe noob-questions.
I installed the mediaembed-plugin manually and also did a copy of the mediaembed.yaml in user/config/plugins.

I am using the onepage skeletton and I am trying to embed a youtube video onto my highlight page.

The problem is, when I put the following into my features.md:

Instead of getting a embedded youtube-video, I only get this text:

What am I doing wrong. Do I have to configure any other pages to use the plugin? Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-30 um 11 Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-30 um 11

Probably should post this in a new thread. Mediaembed question not featherlight.

Andreas and others, who might read this post.

You probably have MediaEmbed v1.0.0 installed. This version has the problem, that it contains some test code as can been seen in this issue here https://github.com/Sommerregen/grav-plugin-mediaembed/issues/1 .

I already have fixed that in v1.0.1. Thus, please update the plugin. Then you are able to embed


If not, then feel free to post a new thread :-).

And don’t forget: Please always write down the http:// protocol for any embed link, otherwise it will be rendered as an image, which is not what you might want.

there will be a new thread unfortunately