Embedding youtube video?

I’ve embedded a youtube playlist in my grav-powered site, and it has been working well until around 3 weeks ago. Since then, it always gave the following error:

Unable to process oEmbed media:
[youtube link]
ERROR: The media ID is invalid or the media was deleted.

However, if I click the youtube link, I get directed to the right youtube video.

I use MediaEmbed v.1.3.0 plugin ( https://github.com/sommerregen/grav-plugin-mediaembed ). I didn’t change this plugin, which means, it was working.

Any suggestion/advice to fix this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

@samemiki, What happened “around 3 weeks ago”? Any upgrade, new plugin, clearing cache, anything you can think of, …?

There’s no changes that I know of. I just checked the media plugin git, it seems there’s similar issues and they mentioned to use the youtube plugin instead ( https://github.com/Sommerregen/grav-plugin-mediaembed/issues/32 ). But, the youtube plugin doesn’t seem to work well with https (https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-youtube/issues/35 ). I’ve resolved the issue using iframe, as per provided by youtube directly.

Thanks anyway!