Does featherlight plugin work as explained in the plugin readme?

In particular, it says this:

To implement a lightbox using Featherlight in Grav, you must output the proper HTML output. Luckily Grav already takes care of this for you if you are using Grav media files.

How does Grav take care of this? I have copied the config file to user/config/plugins/featherlight.yaml but when I insert an image into a post or page, I just get “regular” image html. The plugin docs say it should be something like:

![Sample Image](sample-image.jpg?lightbox=1024&cropResize=200,200)

Is this something I should be doing manually? I can, and it works, but I was under the impression the plugin and works with Grav media files (quote above) to do this automatically.

Thanks for any info!

Featherlight is being used this way in the shop skeleton. A good way to test and see how things are done is to install the shop skeleton package on your local Dev environment.