Grav-skeleton-woo-site - menu problem

hi, i´m new here.
just some weeks ago, i found grav cms!
it´s great to install and work with it, keep it up
meanwihle i installed the grav-skeleton-woo-site. when changing the singleside name to an other name, the menu will be not accept the change and unfortunately retains the old name.

i need help…

how and where can i change the menu items?

i want change this menu items:
features, pricing, screenshots, testimonials and subscribe!

I would like to rename it, since the pages are also called like this:
about me, galerie, news, job, profile…

I would be very grateful to you about tips, help to which folders and files I have to search

with the best regards, stefan

Are you referring to the menu up top? Look in /user/config/site.yaml

hi, thanks for your feedback and help.
now, i´m on the way…
br, stefan