Woo Theme Inconsistent

When installing woo-skeleton under homepage every module appears in navigation menu. However when installing woo-theme this is not the case. Modules under homepage don’t appear in navigation menu. Completely inconsistent. So the question is how can i make the modules i create under homepage to appear in navigation menu like woo-skeleton. Am i doing something wrong? i am a newbie to grav and i don’t find it as easy as documentation declares…

@mixtou, In the eyes of the newbie it may indeed look ‘completely inconsistent’…


  • A skeleton does not equal a theme:
    • That makes it illogic to expect the same result.
    • A theme comes with Twig templates, a few blueprints for Admin and assets.
    • A skeleton is a preconfigured website with a theme, theme settings, pages with required frontmatter, plugins, and predefined config files, etc.
  • Theme Woo is 6 years old
    Its configuration, the logic inside templates and navigation cannot be compared with the more modern themes. Best practices evolve over time…
    • For instance, Woo requires quite of bit of configuration in /user/config/site.yaml, for its social icons, its footer and also its menu:
      # Main Menu
        - text: Features
          link: "#features"
        - text: Pricing
          link: "#pricing"
        - text: Screenshots
          link: "#screenshots"
        - text: Testimonials
          link: "#testimonials"
        - text: Subscribe
          link: "#subscribe"    

Thanks a lot for your help. What theme would you suggest for a newbie to start off?

@mixtou, The default and best updated theme that comes with Grav: Quark.

If you intent to make changes to Quark, don’t forget to create an inherited theme. If not, you’ll loose your changes on the next update of Quark.