Error with grav dashboard

Hi, i have install with method git and all right with the installation, in the panel web i see the option and at side left appearme the options but when i click in the section Tools, this redirect to http : //tools and appear me this message “This domain is not configured for this service. Please add it to your account.” anybody tell me why this? i attachmented some images.

Select Options "Tool"

Appearme this message in the web

You need to solve the Fetch Failed error.
I googled it and found this thread:

The //tools URL is only happening on the Tools menu? Not in any other menu?

If so, looks to me like a hosting-specific issue with the /tools URL - they have some service on /tools, and erroneously think the Grav URL points to that - but you have no access to that (hence the error message).

Hi flaviocopes. Yes, this happening with all menu.

Hi douglasgough, i try follow the link but not work for me, You had the same problem

I active the Chrome DevTools (F12) and i see this: Error Please help me i try that this work froom 5 weeks but nothing and i reinstalled but i have the same trouble. please help me