Error "identifier shortcode is not defined" when creating new plugin

I’m trying to create a new plugin using bin/plugin devtools new-plugin. It asks for all the details for the container, but then gives an error “Identifier shortcode is not defined” in container.php line 101.

Running Grav v1.6.9
Shortcode Core v4.1.1 is installed and active

Any help appreciated.

Hi @marius.loots, welcome to the Grav community.

I tried to replicate your issue but can’t. I’ve downloaded Grav version 1.6.9, installed the dev-tools and created a new plugin from the command line with the command you quoted. After that went successful I installed the shortcode-core plugin and again created a plugin. Again no errors.

Do you have other plugins installed? Grav 1.6 is quite a major change so it could well be that some plugins are giving trouble. Disabling them in Admin and enabling one by one is cumbersome but is the only way to find out what causes the creation to fail.

Don’t hesitate to ask further if you need more assistance.

@bluetzinn Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I deleted the site and recreated it using the default 1.6.9 site. No issues. As you said, it must have been a plugin or the other themes I was using.

Thank you for you help, it’s much appreciated.