Error from Admin panel: "Cannot connect to the GPM"

Comrades! I’ve just updated Grav to 1.0.0-rc.6 to and the Admin panel to v1.0.0-rc.7. All other functionality is fine, although on refreshing the Admin panel by any means, I get the warning Cannot connect to the GPM.

No problems running bin/gpm <command> from the terminal, though, and I haven’t made any changes to file or directory permissions. Also, all other functionality from within the Admin panel works just fine. Anyone else encounter this?

Not really seen the issue where GPM works but admin doesn’t. They use the exact same functions under the covers. Did you have any problems with the previous version?

Hi, Rob – No trouble previously. Incidentally, I’m running two separate sites under virtual hosts on the same Apache server. This is only affecting one of them. Weird, this.

! Careless mistake on my part: my apologies, Andy (if I may). I was in correspondence with a colleague of mine when I was writing earlier, and I substituted his name for yours. Sorry about that.

no worries :slight_smile:

Sorted! Had an ownership problem in the bin/ directory. Re-ran the permissions script from the excellent documentation and away to the races.