How do I remove Login requirement for so called 'public' pages?

Comlplete newbster here so forgive any pathetic failings on my part!

I installed Learn2 a while ago and it seems that (while I know I need a login for the /admin path) the site pages are not accessible until a username/password pair is entered. I don’t want that - I simply want the site to be public. How on earth do I switch this requirement for a login to be off?

Assistance and advice gratefully accepted!



The login plugin won’t do this unless you set it up that way. My feeling is that this will be the learn2 theme (or did you install the skeleton?). I’m not sure if you are editing your site through Admin or by editing the configuration files.

Have a look in a couple of places for clues to why pages are locked off:

  • login plugin settings that may have been overwritten by learn2, maybe parent_acl, user_registration.default_values.level (complete list)
  • any custom access permissions set on top level pages

Perhaps someone who knows learn2 better can be more helpful.

Oh there’s also this important default access login plugin setting to check.

@tapiochre, Maybe I misunderstand the question, but when downloading skeleton RTFM Site (which is a Learn2 based site), all pages are publicly accessible.

Only the Admin side for editing pages is password restricted.

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Hello hughbris and thanks for your support!

I thought I had installed from a skeleton but I recall I had a couple of issues. I chose to kill that installation and seem to think I then simply installed GRAV, added the LEARN2 theme. That worked fine and I have added a load of pages since.

I am editing the site through /admin - I rarely look at the config files.

As for looking at the choices offered, I would be happy to peep but have no idea where those settings can be found! Similarly, with custom access permissions, I don’t beleive any have been set.

Sorry to be a useless dweeb!


Hi pamtbaau, thank you for your feedback.

I agree, I expected, like all websites, the only default security login would be at the admin interface!


Thanks… not convinced I found anything ‘untoward’.


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