Problem 403: themes, pages, etc

Hi guys.
I have problem with an error 403. I see warning after loading an any page. Next, if I click to Activate, I see erro 403. Also I have problem to create new page. Also I am not able to create any page. After filling the form (name, folder, etc.) I see the same error. How can I fixed it?

403 means you don’t have access to a resource. Assuming you’re talking about Admin. Are you connected with a user that has rights to access pages?

Yes, I talk about Admin. what do you mean by “be connected with a user that has rights to access pages”? I am only user on my fresh grav installation. I want to create ma first page.

You didn’t mention it’s a fresh install. What’s your setup? Could it be some server misconfiguration? Does pages folder have write access?

What’s the full error message? It cannot be just


In all cases is the same: 403 Forbidden - You don’t have permission to access this resource
Folders Theme + Pages have rights 705. I have tried chaned it to 777, but it doesn’t work, so I switch them back to 705.
There are all items green in Tools > Reports

I’m not an expert here, but I think usually it has to be 755 and only if this doesn’t work, then 777 and it should be recursive. Also I think it matters if a user you uploaded the files with has same permissions as the web user or something. My knowledge ends here :sweat_smile:

@Tereza ,
did you check essential folders permissions under tools-reports in the admin ?
does it look ok (there should be message ‘All Folders look good’) ?

Yes, I did. Essential Folders: All folders look good!