Twig template error during MediaEmbed Plugin installation

Hey, I am completely new to grav. I installed v1.1.8 (with admin tool) in my XAMPP htdocs folder on my Mac OSX El Capitan machine successfully. Then I created a user and got my Dashboard running without any problems. Under “Themes” I find the active theme is “Antimatter” v2.0.0… I wanted to install the Plugin “MediaEmbed” v1.2.0. and got an error from Twig (see Screenshot). Do you have any ideas if I missed sth. important or how to go on? Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 14 Thanks for any advice, thanks

… I tried to install other plugins now which worked just fine, so this seems to be an issue with the MediaEmbed Plugin

You got the error inside Admin?

Yes the screenshot is from http://localhost/grav-admin/admin/plugins/mediaembed

Yes, it’s an issue in the plugin’s blueprint. Open an issue on that plugin github issues page.

ah ok will do, thanks a lot

I’ve stopped using Grav: too many bugs and instability for me! The latest upgrades have broken several plugins I’ve developed. I just do not have time to fix these bugs. So I came back to WordPress, which works smoothly and that I master for years! GRAV was a good idea, but too amateurish for my requirements.

@thierrydulieu you’re free to have that opinion, but this problem in particular has nothing to do with Grav, but with a plugin made by a 3rd part developer.

@thierrydulieu in addition, there are no known breaking changes in Grav’s releases. The changes are always well documented in the release notes, but generally there are no changes that we know are affecting plugins.

If you have issues with plugins you developed, you’re free to raise issues pointing to specific functionality that broke, and on which version you know they were working, so we can compare.