Email from Grav WITHOUT using forms

I want Grav to email me when certain events happens (eg, we sell 100 items). I want this to be autonomous, rather than the user having to click something like a Submit button (as in a form). Is that possible?

I’m not going to write a plugin, that’s far too complex for someone like me.

Yes it’s possible. If you want such specific features, it’s going to have to be a plugin though. A very simple one :slight_smile: I think it’s a long shot to expect something out of the box like this.

Good luck!

Thanks Hughbris.

Regrettably my skills and courage falter when I read the instructions for building a plugin - I’m not much of a techie. So I’ll put that idea aside for now.

Yes, it was a long shot, but you never know; there are some Grav docs that don’t seem to be covered by the docs yet, so I was just hoping.

Thanks again.

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