Post by email on grav

we installed different grav websites and it’s a pleasure to tinker with them,
we do like to develop a plugin to enable “posting by email”, something like this for WP Postie – WordPress plugin |
I’m looking for ideas, suggestions etc. to implement a first working prototype,

just an email address mapped to a grav user able to transform the body of the sent email into a page, the email title into the page title, and maybe an attached image into an media for the post,

any help to point us in the “right” direction would be highly appreciated,




  • Setup script reading mailbox(es)
    You can explore the mentioned plugin for that, or start with this IMAP example found using Google.
    • Dissect the email structure of the emails received and create page folder with page file per email found.
  • Setup a schedule using Grav’s scheduler that executes above email reader script.
  • Use for example a blog page with a collection that automagically lists all pages with a proper category denoting it is derived from an email.

Bundle it all nicely in a plugin.

thank you very much for the outline, sounds good,
we’ll work on that!

hope to publish something usable soon,