Recommendations for creating a full email client/UI

Greetings kind people!
I am new to Grav and so far love what I have seen. But I have a lot to learn that’s for sure!

I am hoping to get some advice/recommendations regarding a project I want to do right away - and that is - to dump both GMail and my desktop email client app, and most likely in phase-2 to stop using Google’s email hosting entirely and just handle it myself.

I did see the EMail plugin but it appears to be for sending email only. I’m not against building a plugin to receive as well, and I would prefer to stay within the Grav framework if possible. Writing code isn’t a concern for me I just want to make sure I’m not investing my time creating a square wheel when there are round ones available! LOL Also I am aware of some of the open-source web-based email clients out there, and that’s an option of course. I’m just seeing if it’s feasible to pull this off within Grav’s framework.

Anything I accomplish I will make freely available to the Grav community - of course!

Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations!