Easy mobile posting?

Hi all,

Thinking of using Grav to set up a blogging site, but I’ve found the admin UI doesn’t render brilliantly on mobile devices.

Is there any way to create new content via an app? I couldn’t see anything immediately obvious in the plugin repo. I thought maybe the JSON Pages API plugin might be useful in combination with something like 1Writer or Editorial on iOS, but it seems to only serve page content, not allow the creation of new content.

Hey Daniel! Do you mind providing some screenshots of your mobile problems? I had worked on the mobilizing portions of the admin plugin and if I know where some of your specific issues are in the UI I can see what I can do.

Another alternative approach might be to use a synced system of some kind (github/dropbox/etc) and then edit file directly on that filesystem via native clients.

For example, I did this with a Grav setup that was synced to a dropbox folder. Then on my ipad, i was able to use a native markdown editor and edit/save pages to the dropbox folder, and it automatically synced and updated on my site in near real-time. Was a fun experiment!

@vivalldi The general issues were around spacing on the screen. On an iPhone 6 plus, everything is way too big to be usable. At that resolution things can be a smaller and still be manageable. Also the top links were squashed together in portrait.
I’ll see if I can upload a screenshot for you.
@rhukster Thanks for that. I used to use Marco Arment’s SecondCrack in a similar way. I guess most iOS text editors will allow dropbox sync these days.
I must admit, the iOS version of Transmit has me thinking I could just FTP pages up to the site; it’s probably no more hassle.

@ rhukster : I didn’t understand what you said. :confused: I have installed Grav on my web server. I want to write and publish posts my iPhone. How can I do that ?

You would need to have some way to sync files with your webserver. There are a number of ways to achieve this, dropbox is one, but it requires you run a dropbox server instance on your webserver.

Coda app for iOS via ftp to edit .md files. Very fast and reliable. I use it for minor updates to my blog all the time. I use Textastic for local mobile development with all my files in dropbox (Coda does not currently have Dropbox support). I leave Mamp running on my iMac and test results at the local ip (find the host ip and then append your port – i.e. 192.168.0.xxx:8888).

Be wary of unsafe setups not using encryption and key authorization: Editing files on your server from your mobile phone is an excellent way of getting the connecting password stolen if using plain FTP.

The ideal way would, in my opinion, be to edit files using a native app and then pushing these updates to a remote Git repository which automatically synced the server.

For direct editing consider CodeAnywhere for SFTP, or PocketGit for SSH access with key auth.

Great points from @Gingah. I should mention that Coda uses SFTP and should be setup that way if going this route. Point being, there are multiple options to do what you want if you are not keen on the Admin interface.