after installing GRAV sucessfully under xampp, im trying to move my installation to a subdomain on my webserver but im getting this server error
E_STRICT - Non-static method Grav\Common\Plugin::isAdmin() should not be called statically
Deleting the cache didn’t help anything. Do you have a suggestions, how to solve this. Thanks

You may need to adjust RewriteBase in your .htaccess file. That’s the only thing that you should need to change when you move the Grav folder. I move folders all the time.

Thanks Perlkönig, but this is obviously not the solution, because i already tried this and it didn’t help.
I found a “solution”. The log said
grav.CRITICAL: Non-static method Grav\Common\Plugin::isAdmin() should not be called statically - Trace: #0 /…/user/plugins/google-maps/google-maps.php(25): Whoops\Run->handleError(2048, ‘Non-static meth…’,
I renamed the /user/plugins/google-maps via FTP to /user/plugins/google-maps.old and everthing worked like normal. Of course i can’t use the google-maps Plugin.
Can anybody tell me whats going wrong there?

It look like there is something wrong with the statement in google-map.php of the plugin:

public static function getSubscribedEvents()
// Don’t proceed if we are in the admin plugin
if (self::isAdmin()) {
return [];

When i delete the 3 lines beginning with if/(self…) everything looks like normal. But what is wrong here?
Anybody can give me a hint?

The boilerplate version of this code is $this->isAdmin(). I installed google-maps and it killed my dev install but with a different error, so perhaps there’s a wider problem with the plugin. You may wish to create an issue on that repo.

thanks for the advice, it seems its a plugin problem, similiar to, https://github.com/deved-it/grav-plugin-google-maps/issues/12