Documentation Learn in PDF


Is the full documentation can be avalaible in pdf format in order to read it offline ?
It would be very helpful (or at least some chapters)
Thank you

Need to see if there’s some automated service that can do this, else we’ll have to have a mechanism to generate a PDF from Grav directly.

BTW, the entire learn site can be downloaded and installed for an offline setup:

Hello @hardboiled, as said @rhukster should be a general mechanism to generate a pdf, but if you just convert to pdf a chapter at a time, you can install my plugin snappygrav: you can download from or from github and follow what is written in the
It is important to add these lines

{% if config.plugins.snappygrav.enabled %}
    <a href="{{ page.url }}:pdf" title="Send to PDF"><i class="fa fa-file-pdf-o"></i></a>
{% endif %}

in the bottom of the file github_link.html.twig or completely replacing its content.

Thanks a lot for these solutions

I tried using this plugin, but get the following error when trying to generate a PDF:

E_NOTICE - Undefined variable: page_slug

Can you tell me what skeleton, which theme you are using and the type of printing (:pdf or :completepdf)?

I am using the RTFM Site skelton with the learn2 theme. The :pdf breaks. The :completepdf downloads the pdf.

Since I can not recreate the error, can you provide link to your website or a screenshot?