Offline documentation

Hi All,
I am taking grav seriously from now, But i need a offline documentation. Is it available.

Thanks in advance


Install your own copy of the learn site:

Start with the RTFM skeleton, then grab the grav-learn repo above and replace the RTFM user folder with the grav-learn repo (renamed to user of course). Will be a local offline copy.

Great thank you i have a offline copy now.

Hey guys in the local installation when i clicked on advance tab i see a different language other then english for eg. in the Advance topic 1 i see
"Lorem markdownum voces. Adire nant ingreditur quam evadere dixit caelestum meliora. Induitur videndi Timoli videres et quae, niteant."

lol - :slight_smile:

RTFM is a skeleton for creating your own documentation (like the learn site), but you will need to drop in the grav-learn repo as the user folder to get the learn documentation on your local.