Blog - Article to PDF

Hi there,

i am planning on releasing a blog and using Grav. At the moment I am setting everything up. One feature I would like to have is that there is a button/link which automatically generates a PDF out of the article the person reads.

I know a simpler workaround would be to link to an created PDF of the blog file. This would be my workaround. But If possible I would prefer that the PDF generates when the user presses on the button and that there is an information in the header of the PDF which tells the user when the PDF was generated. Is there something like that or do you know an easy way to implement this?

did you already have a look at snappygrav ?
(I did not use this yet, but at a first glance, it might just do what you wish…)

Yep snappygrav will do that for you. Marked as solved.