Directory for hiring Grav designers?

I’m slowly learning Grav on my own after a long hiatus from doing web design and development. During my time away I’ve forgotten a lot of my coding skills, and I’ve also learned a lot about the value of hiring a professional instead of doing everything myself.

Today I decided to search and see what it would take to hire a designer/coder who can theme my Grav sites. A quick search on brought a handful of people who claim to have experience with Grav but I didn’t immediately see a way to know for sure they’re capable.

Does this community have or use a system for finding the right person/company for taking designs and turning them into functional themes? How would you recommend I find good people for this work and how much do you think it will cost to have someone modify existing open source Themes?

You could try the Discord chat room -, and also of course the amazing folks at Trilby Media (the team that built Grav)

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