Where can i search a good GRAV frontend developer?

I need someone to complete my grav frontend of my website, where can i search it?

Here might be a good spot or try the Glitter Chat room at https://gitter.im/getgrav/grav. I think the chatroom is more active.

I would put my name in the hat but I have to get some other jobs done first and there are likely better candidates than me.

Any good front-end dev should be able to do it for you. If you want to use one of the pre-made themes as a base, creating a child theme is well-documented. It will take them a bit longer if they are not familiar with Grav, but they will thank you for introducing them to this great framework. I know I love it.

Maybe you can try with us with the example given in the following link http://deccan.bitroots.co. More links to come in future