Grav CMS freelancers & agencies


I’m looking to get our company’s website rebuilt and redesigned. It is currently built using Wordpress, but I’ve been looking for a better solution and Grav seems to fit the bill. It appears to resolve the big issues that I and many others have with Wordpress and other systems. I can see that interest is growing rapidly in Grav, but of course it is inevitably still a very long way from Wordpress’ popularity and community.

One thing I’m really struggling with is finding Grav designers/developers. If you google something like “grav cms freelancers” very little comes back. I appreciate that there is Trilby, but beyond them I’ve only found a handful of freelancers/agencies who even mention it as one of the tools they work with.

To help grow Grav further and faster I think it would be very beneficial to create a list of Grav professionals, or if it already exists, make it easier to find.

I’m also interested in hearing from any Grav freelancers that have some availability over the next month or two please.

Many thanks,

That’s a good point you bring up, the community of developers and designers have yet to embrace the title “Grav Freelancer” - possibly because there is as of yet a lack of people seeking aid specifically with Grav, I rather suspect they more often are offered it as a superior solution to other alternative CMS’.

A directory of available developers, designers, and facilitators would be beneficial. I do freelancer work with Grav, but my main involvement with the project is developing plugins and contributing with support and general development where I can.

I am available for freelance work over the summer, depending on the scope and specifications of the project. I would of course also recommend TrilbyMedia, as you mentioned, you won’t go wrong with hiring the lead developers of Grav.