Difference between dev site and live site

I’m really puzzled. My live site shows the blog category, with Home at /home but my local development site (which I cannot link to, obviously) has Home where it ought to be and blog at /blog.

The thing is, I sync via Github, so I am not at all sure why there are any differences. Where should I be looking?



Probably you have a different config for the home alias in a file called user/localhost/config/system.yaml ?

The ability to have environment-based configurations lets you set things up differently in various scenarios and sites. However, if you didn’t realize you had a file like this, it could cause a problem.

Also it could be something in a file called user/jeremycherfas.net/config/system.yaml. More details in the docs.

Interesting. Thanks. The version in /localhost is considerably more complex than the version in /user so I copied that over (without the debug stuff) and all seems well.

Should I also copy the /localhost version to /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/grav-blog/user/config/system.yaml or is that one not really relevant?

You may not even want to have a localhost version at all. I usually have my user/config/system.yaml with everything that I need customized, then have only a few keys in the localhost/config/system.yaml that I want to have enabled there. Items such as debugger, errors, caching.

OK. Thanks.