cropResize does not work on certain webservers

I’m using grav on webserver, and cropResize works well.
But I want to change our webserver provider. I tried Hostgator, Cloudways and Fastcomet. Booth of them cropResize function does not work, even with the GD library installed and active.

  • Anyone has experience on this? Because I find very strange that this does not work on any of these hosting companies.

  • Any suggestion for a good webserver hosting?


Hello! I use Grav on Hostgator and I can confirm cropResize works fine for me. Are you getting any errors either in the Grav logs or the webserver?

That said, I cannot recommend Hostgator as a hosting company, they refuse to upgrade PHP past 7.4 despite repeated emails that they are “working on it”.

But to your question:

  • I have not experienced this. Do you get this behavior when you run Grav in standalone? (ie. bin/grav server?

  • I have other sites on HostRocket and I like their service much better. Their tech support is more responsive and they keep their servers updated more regularly. + cropResize works there too

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Thanks for your information. I do not know what should be going wrong. But I will give a try again…

If you can configure the environment of your server, especially the php environment, you should be able to add the necessary libraries required for image manipulation.

Take a look into Tools/Reports via Admin and check if gd is available…