Course Hub Bone v1.52 "Continue Reading" not working

Anyone know how to fix In Blog when I click on View All blog details “Continue Reading” It lead to a blank page. See what I’m talking about at

Probably best to post this in the issue tracker of the project on GitHub, as it’s a 3rd party developed theme/skeleton.

What is the link to report this to GitHUb? Is there a quick fix/hack for this one?

I don’t know, it’s not one I look after. I’m sure available in the theme details section of the admin. Or simply look in the blueprints.yaml file.

Hi @asktran, my reply here might be of help!/theme-development:pinpress-theme-issues-na The Bones Vanilla theme (which Course Hub Bones is based on) would likely work best for use outside the Course Hub Skeleton site.

I’ve made a fork of the Bones Vanilla theme (which Course Hub Bones is based on) and made the fix required to work with the current version of Grav + Admin Panel. You can download it at

Hopefully the “Continue Reading” link will work as expected in the original theme.

The “Continue working” but the text came out of center or something. See it at

The Bones Vanilla theme should work ok with that @drinkharder. Perhaps try to start with the standard ‘Blog Site’ skeleton, then install and activate Bones Vanilla? I’ve done this and the ‘Continue Reading’ links seems to work as expected - see a demo at

try to create paragraph and sentences to see the end result. You will see if it “Continue reading” not Align correctly. For me it put everything center. See example at and click on the Windows “Continue reading” blog.

Maybe this might be related to the use of Markdown + HTML in the page? Try to add content formatted as described here and see if things work better:

I created a new post based on the copy of your first post (“Windows”) and things seem to work ok:

Sorry about this one guys. What I did wrong was I used the blog template instead of Item.
Issue resolved.

Great to hear you identified the issue!