Resizing posts excerpts

I’d like to know how can I use the skeleton blog, and, after that, how could I resize the excerpt of all posts on the blog, so that online few lines are displayed. Thanks.

Sorry, it’s not online, it’s Only.

Do you have the blog-skeleton downloaded and working? If so if you look at one of the blog posts, for example user/pages/, you will notice that there is a paragraph, then a === divider. This signifies the page-break so the blog list view only displays a few lines, but the full blog post displays the whole post.

FYI, you can also use a fixed number of characters as set in the site.yaml but the divider will always take precedence.

Ok, I’ll try it now. Thanks for the help.

I just tried with a short post, both by adding ‘===’ at the end or without it. But I still get (in the skeleton theme) a continue reading.
Is there a way to get rid of continue reading if the whole post is already shown?

The === is to insert a readmore break, so if you have a short post, you should not add this. However, currently I don’t think that the template automatically adds a continue reading button no matter what in the list view.

There may be a scenario where you still want to be able to view the page in a ‘single’ view. I will look at adding an optional header though to disable continue button in the list view. Sound good?

Sounds great :slight_smile:

Has been fixed and released as Grav 0.9.6: