PinPress theme issues... Nav Menu and Contact me

Can’t click/no link on root Dropdown menu, Message box too small, and how to change Contact me to just Contact.

screenshot perhaps? I’m not following.

go here and click on Contact US. It does not enter the contact us page.

For me it enters it (Chromodo browser, Chrome-variation), but I get a massively annoying JavaScript-alert saying “Please set the use Built-in CSS option for the External Links plugin to No (i.e. False) before using this theme.”. I don’t know what theme you are using or how it interacts with plugins, but that is a function that should be gotten rid off immediately - it obstructs accessibility and the user experience to no end (two alerts just to enter the Contact Us page, a third upon loading it).


I see this comes from the Course Hub Theme ( As it says, you have External Links plugin installed. The theme requires, that you set built_in_css: false (either in the external_links.yaml file or via admin) for this plugin.

Thanks for the heads-up re: the style of alert for the recommend External Links plugin settings. I will look into this and update the theme soon.

@asktran The Course Hub Bones theme is really designed for only the Course Hub Skeleton (where this External Links CSS setting disrupts the intended rendering of pages) - if you’d like to use a more general purpose version of that theme you might also want to check out the Bones Vanilla theme - However, you would also need to make a few tweaks to get things running, see

I’ve reported this menu issue to Pinpress theme at GitHub. But if anyone have a quick fix for “clicking BLOG menu not working” issue for please Reply. Sorry about all the externaI links error cause I didn’t change the theme to Pinpress.