Copy and modify an existing plugin

Hello everyone,

I’m completely in love with this CMS because it was exactly what I was looking for and because the design is so light and beautiful ! :heart_eyes:

I was about to create a dashboard for my members to edit text files through a customize form and each file will be in a certain repository specific to the member.

So first of all, a member will connect to his/her account and have a page with all the files which can be edited by him/her and then when a file name is pick there will be a form with the datas which can be edited.

I was thinking to a create a plugin with if only the user id was send as parameter the page to pick the file is shown and if it’s the user id and the file name : it’s the customize form to edit the text file.

I am a little bit scared :roll_eyes: to create a plugin from scratch, do you have any plugin similar which I can modify to correspond to what I want ?

Do you think it’s better if I make a plugin on my own ?

Thanks for your help ! (Sorry if I made any mistake in English, I’m French)

Bienvenue! Je ne pense pas que tu veuille un seul plugin.

I’m not an expert, and I don’t know all your requirements, but I’d guess that most of what you want to do could be managed leveraging existing plugins and then some Twig programming. It depends on what you hope to do with these text files. Remember that at the file system level, all files created by Grav will be accessible to the Web user. So if these files are sensitive, Grav is not the best tool.

If all you want is to create a multi-user blog, then see the existing docs. You can do this pretty much out of the box.

You can leverage existing plugins like the User Manager, Page Ownership, Directory Listing, and File Content (sorry; had to strip links because it thought I was spamming you) to do some of it, depending on your requirements. Then you could have templates that generate the file lists and forms for editing the text files.

Encore, ça dépend de ce que tu veux accomplir avec ces fichiers de texte. Bienvenue, et bonne chance!

My files are not sensitive. :hugs:
Thanks for your help, I’ll analyse the list of plugins that you wrote and try leverage those plugins. like you said.

Merci pour la petite touche de Français au message, ça fait plaisir ! :grinning: