Comment plugin partially visible

I am lost.

I have to blog parts on my sites.
I have the comment plugin enabled.

On the blogs part it is visible
On the personal blogs part is is not visible.

I want it to be visible on both parts.

url 1 (works) (scroll down)
url 2 (do not work) (scroll down)

I modified the comments.yaml to
enabled: true


  • ‘/blog’
  • ‘/persoonlijke-blogs’
  • ‘/blogs’
  • ‘/persoonlijk’

Hi, just tried adding 2 blog sections with your same folders structure and it should work fine.

Can you paste the settings code with triple backticks (click the ? in the textarea to see other options) so it’s formatted correctly?


enabled: true
enable_on_routes: ['/blog', '/persoonlijke-blogs']

Maybe the problem is a little detail.

I modified the yaml to;

enabled: true
enable_on_routes: [’/blog’, ‘/persoonlijke-blogs’]

Still no comments.