DISQUS question - please do not shoot me

Good evening.

There are times in life where you can’t get your head around things, and this is one of the moments that I have. In fact, I seem to get more and more of these lately, but it’s a different question altogether.

I am extremely confused about using a free comments system on my grav website. I have searched google, and got a lot of information that is confusing me greatly. A lot of it on this site is quite dated, and it may not apply to the current version of grav which I absolutely love.

What I would like is for visitors to be able to comment on every blog entry, only seeing the comments for this specific blog entry and not those for all the blog entries all mixed together. Like a normal comment system.

Last time I tried to use DISQUS, I did not manage to do this. Instead, every page with the DISQUS comments had ALL the same comments.

Could somebody be kind enough to tell me IF what I would like can be done, and HOW to do it?

Thank you in advance if you can help me.


So in the end (!) I found how to do it.
It’s really simple, I don’t understand why the install instructions have to be so complicated.

  1. upload the plugin
  2. set it up with your disqus shortname (from the plugins page, second tab)
  3. make sure that twig is enabled in the site configuration page
  4. browse to your grav install, inside user>themes>template_name>templates>partials
  5. edit the blog_item.html.twig
  6. place the green code from the repo in {{ page.content }}, just after the elseif truncate bit
  7. save the file

If you place it in other places, you may get the problem of all the same comments showing all the time.

I hope this can help others.

Happy new year.