Changes are not showing up after refresh

Good morning, afternoon, evening All. :slight_smile:

When I change a picture in the folder user\themes\mygate\img (the folder created to override the original theme) for another picture with the same name, the theme is still showing me the old picture. no matter if I press f5, or clean the cache through the grav admin panel, several times.

When I go through the inspect in the chrome browser, the picture has the following address: http://localhost/.../.../picture.jpg.

Iā€™m using wamp server 3.1.3 and PHP 7.2.4
Grav version: Grav: v1.5.7 - Admin v1.8.16
Windows 10.

any clue would be very helpful.

thanks in advance

Try ctrl+F5 to refresh or use the incognito browser (ctrl+shift+n if using Chrome for windows)

thanks a lot Dudeduc