Change Resume theme modular order?

Is it possible to change the order of the pieces that fit into the modular resume theme? For example, on the right side of the resume theme you can see Recognitions, Experience, Education and Hobbies and Interests in that order. Is it possible to change this order? Say I want education to go first, experience second and recognitions third, how can I change this? This is actually the order I already had in development. I messed around with some of the titles a while back on a vagrant development server, and the order on my design put education first, which is where I want it. But then I published to a live ubuntu server and it switched the order to Recognition, Education, Experience and Hobbies in that order. But I didn’t change anything. I just copied the files over from my production server to my development server… does anyone know why the order changed by itself and how I can change it manually?