Can't log back in. MAMP problem or what?

Just starting with Grav. Using the dashboard I have created my first user and it all seems fine, but when i log out I can’t log back in - get ‘login failed’. If I remove the user from the User file I can create a new admin but again, once logged out I can’t log back in.

Running on a Mac under Mamp; could that be relevant?

Can’t recreate the problem, on MAMP. Latest Grav, latest MAMP? Which PHP version?

Might want to try removing the user/config/security.yaml file and let it get regenerated.

Thanks guys.
php 5.6.10
MAMP 3.4
Grav v1.0.9
I tried deleting user/config/security.yaml and letting it get recreated but it didn’t help.
Any more ideas? (I’m using Kasprsky malware checking which checks passwords as I type but I don’t suppose that’s relevant)

Try deleting the encrypted password in the user account, and simply typing the plain text password in the file:

password: my_password_here

Then try logging in. If it works, it will remove that entry and encrypt the password.

I’m afraid it didn’t work. Also, I just re-downloaded and re-installed Grav with no change. If I’m the only person experiencing this, I must be doing something wrong …

Yah it’s only you that I’ve heard of that is having problems. We have many people using MAMP with no issues.

Is this windows/mac version? Can you run through the exact steps you are doing so I can try and recreate it.

Suddenly it’s sorted out. Oh blimey, can hardly bear to tell you. At the login screen, it showed two boxes, with the upper one pre-filled with my email address. That made me assumed that my email address was what to put their. I just suddenly thought to try my new user name instead of the email address, and it worked instantly.

Apologies for wasting your time and thanks for the suggestions.

Glad you sorted it out and it’s not a bug then! :slight_smile: