New user

I have another problem. I install some plugins: email, form, login, admin. I create new user but I get information that I haven’t got user. I create admin.yaml like this:

password: 'password’
email: '’
fullname: 'Johnny Appleseed’
title: 'Site Administrator’
login: true
super: true

First I create folder accounts in user folder.

The check for an existing user only checks the existence of a yaml file in the /user/accounts/ folder. Please double check the file’s location.

Remember the yaml format:

password: password
fullname: Johnny Appleseed
title: Site Administrator
    login: true
    super: true

I check both format with ‘’ and without it. Both not working

The indentation is correctly?

Im not updated to all news but I read the new CLI command “newuser” you can try to use this instead to create a file directly ^^

I check it tomorrow. Thx :slight_smile:

No worries, Ill try my best :slight_smile:

Now I haven’t got information about create user but I have information like

You found info here:

@vicky0019 that error you are seeing is because you have updated the Grav admin, but you need to update Grav itself to the latest version of 0.9.42. You can do this via GPM:

$ bin/grav selfupgrade --force

BTW for reference, you are still running 0.9.40.

OK, I try install new version

Great :slight_smile: Thx for help :slight_smile:

I think you fix the problem, nice to know ^^

Yes, I fix the problem when I install new grav version :slight_smile: