Notepad skeleton, how to modify menu entries


Used to working on Drupal, Joomla and WP, I’m pleased to discover Grav…

But, with its Notepad template I’m also facing concerns.

The most important is the way to modifiy the entries in the menu. Why not keeping the structure with Home, Featured Posts, Categories, etc. but I really need to translate them.

I’ve found the file that builds this menu. But not in the admin interface the place/fieds where these titles are filed.
Of course I’ve got the article, a place to change the name of this article and its content, but no parameter to change how it is called in the menu.

Please, could you help me ? Many thanks in advance.


NB : is this template, created in 2015, still alived ? :wink:

I’ve got it : user/config/site.yaml -> Links…

So much time lost to find this yesterday evening. Working late in the evening is never a good idea :wink: