Can't create form in a modular which is inside a modular page

I’m trying to create a form by just test, but apparently it doesn’t read the form in the edit box

And I’ve paste already the form.html.twig and formdata.html.twig

The address is fine?

I grabbed them in user/plugins/form/templates, because there was nothing in system/templates

You have to put form definition into page’s frontmatter (header), not into content itself. You have select “advanced editor”, or edit the file manually.

@MakaryGo, Did you perhaps mean:

  • In Admin panel
  • Select ‘Expert’ mode
  • Select ‘Content’ tab
  • Edit frontmatter/header in field ‘Frontmatter’

Precisely. On the above screen it was clearly in the content block itself.

Not showing yet, cache in Edge and Admin erased

Modular preview:

@Yourdead, As you have, I have followed the documentation on How to: Forms in modular pages.

Using fresh Grav 1.6.26 installation using theme Quark.

I have the following folder structure:

├── 01.home
│   └──
├── 02.typography
│   └──
└── 03.modular1
    ├── _module1
    │   └──
    ├── _module2
    │   └──

Page ‘/03.modular1/’ contains:

title: Modular1
  items: '@self.modular'

Page ‘/03.modular1/_module2/’ contains:

title: Module 2
cache_enable: false
  action: /modular1  <-- Use route to modular, else 'Thank you' will break
  name: my-nice-form
    - name: name
      label: Name
      placeholder: 'Enter your name'
      autofocus: 'on'
      autocomplete: 'on'
      type: text
      default: test

    - type: submit
      value: Submit

    - message: 'Thank you for your feedback!'
# Module 2

I made no other changes and did not copy any files.

The form is now correctly shown in module ‘/03.modular1/_module2/’