Can’t edit style Gantry Template for Joomla v4 from admin panel

I can’t edit the Gantry from admin panel template. When I click “Gantry - Default” “(domain)/administrator/index.php?option=com_gantry&task=template.edit&id=10” I get “404 Component not found”. The components are there. The website works. All other administrative functions work.

I don’t know where to look. The last thing I changed was what I added in the “Text resizer” template in Gantry

Sorry for my English. It’s partly Google Translate.


Sad to disappoint, but this is a Grav CMS forum and it has nothing to do with Joomla (although Gantry also supports Grav AFAIK). You might try creating an issue on Gantry GitHub repo

Thanks for the answer. Of course, I’ll try to find an answer there.
Sorry for the mistake.


@Pocztaword, To complement the suggestion of @Karmalakas, you might first try Gantrys forum Gantry 5 for Joomla

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Thanks for the answer.

Gantry 5 for Joomla for Joomla only for Club members.