Unable to change menu items in Gantry 5 Helium

I have downloaded Gantry 5 and Helium as a skeleton package. It all seems to work fine, except when I enter gANTRY 5 and attempt to modify the menu items. I can modify them and save them, but when I navigate to the page the changes haven’t occurred and when I navigate back to the menu the changes have been reverted to the original. I am editing the base outline.

Sounds like it might be a Gantry cache issue. Have you tried to work in Gantry’s “development” mode? Go to Gantry5 -> Extras (menu) ->
Turn Development mode on. Clear Cache is also in the same menu.

I have now put it in development mode, it is not generating any errors to the page, not sure what other difference that would make, but again the situation remains the same, I modify the menu item makes, save them, one by one, save again just for luck, when I go to the page the menu items remain like the skeleton. If I navigate away from the menu in gantry (after saving of course) and then navigate back the items have reverted to the original in the administrative panel.

Actually, I had already tried clearing the cache originally, and opening in a different or anonymous browser, but since it reverts in the administrative panel. it is not a cache issue in the browser. Perhaps in Grav but clearing cache doesn’t resolve.

Just curious… in what way are you trying to modify the menu items? Can you add a custom menu item a-ok?

Thanks for the followup. First, let me say that I am coming into grav as a Joomla user since version 1.5 and a gantry user since version 3.x but I am used to letting Joomla do most of the heavy lifting rather than the Gantry template functions. As a Joomla user I just sort of assumed I could modify existing menu items and link them to pages ( I know wordpress doesnt work that way). Somehow I managed to change the word HOME in the admistrative interface to “Porto Jofre” but the other existing menu items from the skeleton I wasn’t able to change the menu link title (understanding that I could’t change the aliases in any case). I am able to put a subtitle on the existing menu titles and also to add images if I were to wish, but asside for home I couldn’t seem to modify the link names. I am able to add new menu items to the root, so I guess that solves the problem, if it weren’t for the fact that I had added, disactivated and removed the default language and then deleted a langauge switcher that is apparently still functioning and redirect=ting to /en. Probably what I should do is make a clean build and start with either the skeleton or a blank build and pay very carefull attention when I add the language switcher.

Hmmm… have you tried to change the Grav page titles (to then change the menu titles)? I am not sure you can change the system-generated page menu titles separate from the Grav pages. I am basically a Gantry newbie myself :slightly_smiling_face: